Leave your wellness prescription in notes. Your address in shipping. We will deliver to hospital.


A few weeks ago, one of our customers, Vee, said she was sending books to her neighbor because she was a nurse who'd fell ill on the frontlines while fighting the corona virus.

Vee found all of this research which reinforced her initial thought-- reading is in fact a great prescription for wellness in our minds, bodies, and souls. 

This is how the Harriett's Bookshop team formed this initiative--Essentials for Essentials--a wish list of essential books for our essential workers. Each person on this list works at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania or Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Department in the Emergency Departments saving lives. 

Dr. Gina, who is a remarkable human being and ER doctor, has been running giveaways on her social media account for Harriett's Bookshop for the last three weeks. 

When we approached her about the idea, she said it was excellent and in less than 12 hours she had 50 essentials who'd signed up to participate in this first round of Essentials for Essentials.

In addition to purchasing a book for someone working in the emergency room at a local Philly hospital, we are also asking you to leave a short note for them in the notes section sharing what you'd "prescribe" for them as they continue working for all of us. We will print these notes and give them to each worker along with the book they deemed essential. Thank you all for participating. 

-Harriett's Bookshop